In Episode 10, we have a six-and-a-half minute seduction/sex scene involving five different characters that is as kinky and subversive and suggestive as any sex scene that you have seen on network television,” he teases. “I would put it as a contender to challenge cable sex scenes — not in terms of the nipple and crack of nakedness — but more in the psychology and sensuality of sex amongst the mad.” But wait, are all five of those people in the same room together? “It depends on how you define room,” replies Fuller, with a chuckle.

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How he got them to sit still, we don’t know. But somehow award-winning UK-based photographer Tim Flach managed it, and this was the result. The 54-year-old has created a collection of incredible photographic portraits of animals so intimate they reveal the complex emotions of their subjects. And the emotions on show look strikingly familiar to our own. (Full Article)